Happy Democracy Day.





 Happy Democracy Day Celebrations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all countries operating a Democratic  System of Government,  I also wish you a Happy Democracy.  It is with mixed feelings that I send out this greetings. For one, I am happy there’s a holiday today and also that we are not under the military rule. But the question is, are we really not under military rule? A lot of youth complain on just about everything unemployment, education system, drug abuse, erratic electricity and so on. Is it the government that has been buying the drugs for them? If we want a change we should be the catalysts of change. I could remember in 2015, during the election, youths came out in large numbers to vote and  exercise their rights because they believed that things need to change for the better. As we celebrate today, I want to call on youths to arise and not just sit back and watch things happen. It is time to make things happen get involved, join the policy makers. People will say” politics is a dirty game”,  If it’s dirty game then make it a clean one . You cannot sit outside and expect to know every little thing that goes on inside, you may know partly but not everything. OK, If we decide that politics is not for us, we can still exercise our rights as citizens, But how many of us have our permanent voters cards? Some Nigerians have never voted since they were born and yet they complain about things. Others that do have only got the PVCs because they know it will be useful for their banking transactions. Please! Please! and Please let’s be the change that we want to see. 

What your take on this? Please comment.   


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